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Winning Video

Dec 12, 2012

Click here to watch the winning video!

Girl Scouts from all over entered the Girl Scouts Speak Out! contest “We Only Have One Planet.” But after careful consideration, only one group got the chance to spread the word in a professionally produced video. The winners: a troop of Cadettes from Roxbury, Massachusetts. Their message: Recycle, Please!

The contest theme asked girls to “do your part to make our planet a better place to live by making a PSA that asks others to ‘go green.’ Help them figure out what changes they can make—big or small—to keep our environment healthy, now and in the future!”

The Roxbury Cadettes were happy to make the public-service announcement, which asked people to save our trees and recycle, please. But they were most excited to perform the rap in the video, so watch until the end! Check out the professionally produced PSA here.

When the video was filmed last summer, the troop also had some suggestions for the For Girls team on what the next theme should be: bullying! We took their advice and the advice of other girls around the country. Learn more about the current theme, “It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This…” at