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Wild Careers

Jan 18, 2013

Click the image to watch the videos and explore wild careers!

What do national parks in the United States have in common? Almost all of them are packed with wildlife, and their employees get to work at cool jobs with animals that most of us don’t get to see every day.

For example, our video profile of Margaret Wild, who leads the wildlife health program for the National Parks Service, shows some of her many exciting duties. We filmed this veterinarian (and former Girl Scout!) at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, but she works with animals at many different parks, from the swamps of the Everglades in Florida to snowy Denali in Alaska.

Two additional videos feature biologist and park ranger Erin Schlager, who tracks deer and wolves at Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park, and marine biologist Healy Hamilton, who studies seahorses in Northern California for the Marine Conservation Institute. To view all the videos in our Careers series, click here.