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Whirled Peace

Sep 14, 2012

Picture this: millions of colorful pinwheels spinning in countries all over the world! And yours included! This September 21, help celebrate the International Day of Peace by decorating and “planting” your own pinwheel in the ground. Simply use our Print & Play to make your spinning wheel of peace—you can draw, paint, tape photographs, make it into a collage, or write words of peace and harmony on your pinwheel…wherever your creativity takes you!

This idea came from the Pinwheels for Peace Project, a global movement of people who express their desire for peace by planting pinwheels. Last year, participants planted more than 4 million pinwheels in parks, libraries, schoolyards, and spots all around the globe. How about organizing a Pinwheels for Peace event in your community to create an entire garden full of pinwheels? Or just plant your pinwheel on your own or with some friends? Wherever you plant your pinwheel, get started now to be part of this worldwide movement for peace!