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What Kind of Conservationist Are You?

In today’s world, plants, animals, and energy all have one thing in common—they all need humans to help them thrive. Being a conservationist means recognizing how precious these Earth resources are, and learning how to wisely use plants and energy, and help animals, so that our planet stays healthy and green for generations to come. Whether you’re into organic produce, passionate about protecting animal habitats in your area, or you get inspired by solar energy and buying local—there’s a conservation concern that fits your interests and can even inspire your next Take Action project. There’s lots to do to protect planet Earth, but once you know more, you can make a difference every day—in many ways! Take this quiz to find out which aspects of conservation you care about the most. Click on the image to take the quiz!

What Kind of Conservationist Are You? Quiz on Qualtrics