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What Do Bullies Look Like?

Sep 11, 2013

BFF Draw a Bully activityBully behavior happens in so many different ways—from getting teased to being excluded from things—but it has one thing in common: It hurts!

We think the best way to prevent bullying is to develop good friendship skills. In a healthy friendship, you stick up for your pals, and never make—or receive—hurtful comments. You learn how to resolve conflicts. And you teach others to do the same. But these friendship skills take awareness and practice. Which is why Girl Scouts created BFF, which stands for Be a Friend First, a name that girls came up with.

BFF teaches middle school girls how to prevent bullying and lead with friendship. In the opening session of BFF, girls draw what they think a bully looks like. At the end of the eight sessions, girls draw another impression of a bully to see how it might have changed from their first meeting. Check out their before and after drawings here.

Now that you’ve seen the drawings, how do you think girls’ ideas about bullying changed?

If you haven’t already, we hope you can experience BFF and help make a peaceful difference for your school and community. It’s based on the aMAZE Journey, which deals with the twists and turns of getting along. To find out more about BFF in your school or community, click here.