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Volunteer Resource Guides for Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador

Sep 06, 2013

VolunteerResourcesGuides-310x185Being a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, or working with these older Girl Scouts, has never been more fun—and now it’s even more approachable. Our new Volunteer Resource Guides feature a variety of activities and goals that encourage girls to seize opportunities and get the most and the very best out of Girl Scout life. You’ll discover:

  • Cool ways for Cadettes to meet award requirements, get the most out of Leadership Journeys, travel, and get down to the purpose and fun of Girl Scouting—it’s all here! Discover, Connect, and Take Action as you learn how to lead and move onward and upward through your Girl Scout life!
  • Networking. Gaining career savvy. Taking on more roles in Girl Scouting. Discovering Destinations through travel. Gaining skills that impress at school and on the job. With a wider world comes even more opportunities, and these are just a few of the perks that come with being a Girl Scout Senior. The best perk of all? How you feel about yourself—your courage, confidence, and character. Discover, Connect, and Take Action as you explore awards you can earn, and fine-tune your Girl Scout values to build a bright future for yourself.
  • As an Ambassador, you’re at the summit of Girl Scouting, poised and ready to take flight into your future. So get ready to rededicate yourself to Girl Scout glory! Travel, traditions, badges, sisterhood, and the prestigious Gold Award—all this and more await as you transition into young adulthood. You’ll offer service, Take Action, and show the world what kind of leader you—and all young women—can be as you gain skills and experience that will serve you in college, your chosen career, and throughout your life. Use the resource guide to explore your options and discover what you can do to grow your world and cement your bright future. The rest is up to you, and the possibilities are endless!

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