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Video Game Creator

Jul 20, 2012

Kellee Santiago wanted to move the video game business away from being just another male-dominated industry. So, in 2006, the Los Angeles–based developer co-founded That Game Company. And instead of creating video games that focus on traditional themes of power, violence, and competition, she turned to her own sense of creativity and fun.

“I felt kind of propelled into being an entrepreneur because I couldn’t find the job I wanted,” Kellee says. “But I think that a lot of entrepreneurs come at it because of that reason. I wanted to make different types of games. I wanted to be able to move between different worlds and be involved in business and marketing and design and engineering.”

Through her work, Kellee has learned that it takes more than one good idea to be a great game designer. “It’s about having a hundred good ideas to use after you found that first good idea turned out to be really bad.”

She adds that one of the most exciting parts of entrepreneurship is being an expert in her field. “It’s also really scary,” Kellee says. “You have to have a lot of confidence in yourself, or at least be willing to fake it for a while!”

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