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Twin Writer

Jul 09, 2012

In her Trading Faces series, author Julia DeVillers writes about twin sisters who start seventh grade at a brand-new school and secretly switch places. And no one knows more about double lives than Julia, whose writing partner is her real-life identical-twin sister, Jennifer Roy!

Besides being born a twin, Julia is also a born storyteller. “I’ve always been a bookworm, so sharing stories through books is my dream career,” Julia shares. “I remember my Brownie troop had a long, boring car ride for a field trip, and I amused us by telling stories about what was really going to happen when we got there: We’d be discovered by a Hollywood agent visiting town, and we’d be rushed off in a private jet to become movie stars!”

In her novel How My Private Personal Journal Became a Bestseller, Julia writes about 14-year-old Jamie, whose diary accidentally gets discovered and turned into a best-selling book. (This book was adapted into Disney Channel movie titled Read It and Weep, and Julia even had a small part in the movie!)

“The character of Jamie was based a lot on me when I was 14,” she says. “Something I hated was when girls were so mean to each other. My character’s best-selling book is about a fictional superhero who literally takes care of those mean people (poof! They disappear!) and stands up for kids who are bullied.

“I’ve heard from many kids who have told me that the book inspired them to treat others better or to help them deal with people being mean to them, and that’s the best feedback from a story I could imagine.”

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