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Tutoring Kids and Learning Along the Way

Dec 30, 2011

When a troop in Plano, Texas decided to go for their Silver Award, the girls came up with a lot of ideas about what kind of project to coordinate. While the entire troop wanted to help kids, they voted to split up and help two organizations.

Half of the girls decided to work at an after-school tutoring center for low-income students, where they tutored kids of all different ages.  “I actually had the opportunity to tutor kids closer to my own age and that was really fun to get to know them and work with them, but also make friends,” said troop member Grace Cooper.

In addition to providing tutoring services, the girls helped fix up the space by cleaning and making repairs. They needed supplies, so they hosted an event where people brought cleaning products as the cost of entrance. “It felt like everyone was helping, not just us,” said troop member Micah Secor. “It felt good to see that everyone was willing to help. It surprised me that we could depend on other people – not just our troop.”

The girls were also surprised at how much the process of teaching taught them. “You learn different values and different ways to teach people things. Not everyone learns in the same way, and it’s important to understand that,” said Micah. “I’m not the most patient person, but it also taught me about patience.”

“It taught me to be more open minded and caring toward others,” said Grace. “It also made me realize how lucky I am – not everyone has the same opportunities.”

The girls also learned about hard work. They fixed broken doors and shelves and spent hours on their knees cleaning the floors. “You have to be willing to work – you can’t expect things to just happen,” said Grace. “But I would say that even though it is hard, it is definitely worth it in the end because knowing you helped make a difference in people’s lives makes you feel like you’ve accomplished so much.”

For some of the girls, the reason the work was so rewarding was specifically because it was difficult. “The work became meaningful because we spent so much time doing it,” said Micah. “It feels amazing to be awarded after all that. You feel really proud of yourself knowing that most people don’t work that hard for the benefit of others.”

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