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Tree Time

Aug 02, 2013

Leaves and Seeds Matching GameLovely leaves give us shade on hot, sunny days and make some regions colorful in fall, when they turn red, gold, and orange, and fall to the ground in crunchy piles. Leaves are also one of nature’s miracles of life. They use a chemical called chlorophyll to trap energy from sunlight and turn it into food for their trees. Think of a leaf as a little, green solar panel that “powers” a tree! Knowing about leaves helps you identify trees you see every day—on nature hikes, in the park, and throughout your community.

Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors learning to discover, connect, and take action on their It’s Your Planet Leadership Journeys will recognize common trees when they play our Leafy Green Memory Game. From majestic elms to prickly pine trees, click on the cards to see leaves you may already know. Notice the shape of each leaf and see what makes it different from the others. Remember their places on the board—and have fun making matches.

Cadettes working on their Trees badge play a more challenging version of the memory game that adds seeds into the mix. Play the Leaves and Seeds Matching Game to recognize telltale signs that make it easy to identify common trees simply by noticing what they produce. Apple trees, maples, spruces, and others become familiar as you click on the cards to see their leaves and seeds. Note the shape of each leaf; the color, size, and shape of seeds; and see what makes them unique. Match seeds with leaves as you identify two important components that give life to trees.

Learn more about the trees, leaves, and seeds with fun facts you can share to encourage your friends, family, and Girl Scout sisters to care about trees and help them keep Earth Forever Green.