Travel Stories & Photos

Travel Stories & Photos

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley: Peru

Destination Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley: Peru

On my destination I saw the beautiful Incan stonework and religious gathering places of the Inca in the Sacred Valley.

Galapagos Islands

Destination Galapagos Islands

On the island of Santa Cruz and the day trips to the surrounding islands, I saw wildlife that some people in the world will go their entire life without ever hearing about it.

Our Cabana, 100 years

Destination Mexico

Our Cabana offers girls an unforgettable experience. They develop lifelong friends, confidence and a worldly perspective on their destination.

My Adventure to Ireland

Destination Ireland

When people think of Ireland, they normally think of sheep, farming and green all over.

Underwater Explorers

Destination Panama

My destination trip to Underwater Explorers in Costa Rica and Panama was fantastic!

Aerospace Career Exploration

Destination Alabama

While in descent on the airplane, my thoughts buzzed like honeybees. I’d never been away from my family this long.

Our Chalet 2010 destination

Destination Switzerland

Date 2010

I began my trip to Switzerland not knowing quite what to expect.

Troop 243 – Peru Adventures

Destination Peru

After two years of planning, nine girls and three adults walked through waterfalls, sampled new foods, and connected with Scouts and Guides from around the world in Peru.