Saddle Up Sycamore

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Ride, jump and vault as you explore the diversity of equestrian sports. Visit Nashville too!

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About the Trip

Camp Sycamore Hills is home to more than forty horses of various breeds, sizes, and talents. This Destination is for girls who want to try a little bit of everything that horses have to offer, so jump in the saddle for little Western and English flare; then explore the art of vaulting as you learn techniques of gymnastics on horseback. Add mounted games, a trail ride, and jumping sessions to round out the perfect horse experience. In the barn, girls will have the chance to learn basic horse first aid, how to prepare a horse for a show, learn to communicate with the horse by exploring the language of horses, and more.

When not at the barn, girls will have the chance to try outdoor adventure programs such as zip lining, tree climbing, or high challenge as well as cool off in the pool. Girls will experience Music City culture with a trip to Nashville for sightseeing and a concert.

Where You Go

Camp Sycamore Hills, Ashland City, Tennessee

What to Know

Participants must be comfortable at the walk, trot and canter on unfamiliar horses. Girls should also be able to safely handle horses on the ground and have basic knowledge of tacking English or Western or both.

Tell us about your riding experience in your application!

The Dates

July 29 - August 7, 2018

What to Bring

Packing list will be provided after acceptance.  Riding boots and SEI certified riding helmets are available to borrow or participant may bring their own.

The Cost

Program Fee: $1,400

Program Fee does not include transportation to Nashville. You will have to arrange transportation.

A $200 deposit will be due upon acceptance (it's part of the Program Fee, not in addition to it.)

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Destinations Application 2018-2019
Contact Information

Carol Coats
Equestrian Manager