New Friends & Adventures at Our Chalet

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Read about one Girl Scout's recent Destination to Our Chalet, and learn some travel tips!


Our Chalet Destination

Maya C. is currently in the 9th grade, and is a Girl Scout with USA Girl Scouts Overseas. Maya talked with us about her recent Destination to Our Chalet....

What trip did you recently participate in?

I participated in the 2017 Summer Swiss Challenge Destination. It was held in Adelboden, Switzerland in Our Chalet. While we were there we went on daily hikes and went to an adventure park among other fun and exciting things.

How did you find out about this Destination?

My parents believe in the Girl Scout programs and the opportunities that they provide and when they heard about the Destinations program they told me about it and encouraged me to apply.

How is traveling with Girl Scouts different than traveling with your family or your school?

Although I arrived and met up with my Destinations group at Our Chalet we still traveled around Switzerland quite a bit. Our leaders made sure everyone was together and was always comfortable. The nice thing is is that you're with your new friends and you have a ton of fun even if you're just on a bus or on a train.

What would you tell other girls about Destinations?

Going on a Destinations trip is something purely amazing and I would totally encourage girls to apply and try it. You not only get to travel and experience something truly wonderful but you get to be surrounded by Girl Scouts from all over the world. Go and apply for one that you wouldn't normally think you would go for. I find that GS Destinations are really the place to push yourself and find new things you enjoy.

As an expert traveler, do you have any tips to share?

If you're flying make sure to pack an extra set of clothes in your carry on in case your suitcase gets lost. Always keep change (coins) on you in case you have to pay to use the restroom. Take a picture of your suitcase so you know what it looks like and if it gets lost you can show it to the people at the airport. Keep yourself organized. Use a backpack (rather than a suitcase) if you can, it's a lot easier to navigate public transportation with it.

How has travel helped you become a G.I.R.L.(Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)?

Travelling has shown me that to get where you need to go you need to do things for yourself and make sure you know what is happening around you. Being a leader when travelling in a group can really help make sure that you all are on time and that everything goes smoothly.

How has traveling on a Destination inspired what you might do in the future?

After going to the Swiss Challenge Destination I got inspired to possibly volunteer for a season at one of the World Centres.

Thanks, Maya! And good luck on all your future travels!