Maine Wilderness Adventure Challenge

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Adventure awaits you, as you experience the Maine wilderness through camping, rafting and mountain climbing challenges! - FULL

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About the Trip


Test your outdoor skills and challenge yourself on a 10 day Maine wilderness adventure! Based at Girl Scouts of Maine’s Camp Natarswi, set among the pristine mountains, crystal clear lakes and beautiful forests of the iconic Northern Maine woods, this adventure will take you to some of Maine’s most famous natural features.

This is an opportunity to use your outdoor skills and learn and hone new ones as you challenge yourself and your group with experiences in the forever wild Baxter State Park, home to moose, black bears, and white tailed deer. You will hike along sections of the Appalachian trail and take in the beauty and power of Little and Big Niagra Falls – a series of stunning, cascading waterfalls; camp at Chimney Pond with awe inspiring views of Mt. Katahdin; explore underground ice caves, formed during the ice ages; raft through the wilderness, over waterfalls, under the Appalachian trail and past steep granite gorges on Maine’s wildest river; and summit Maine’s highest peak “The Greatest Mountain”, Mt. Katahdin.

While you are hiking, camping, exploring, rafting and summiting you will develop and improve awesome lifetime outdoor skills, wilderness survival techniques, and lasting friendships!

Read the details below & apply here!

Where You Go

Millinocket, Maine

What to Know

• Camping experience is required, preferably wilderness or non-car
• Participants must be physically fit upon arrival for strenuous outdoor activities
• Interest and experience in the outdoors and basic knowledge of camping skills
• Hiking experience
• Comfortable with backpacking for 5-10 miles/day
• Interest in mountain hiking
• Comfortable in canoe or kayak
• Intermediate to advanced swim skills
• Interest in rock climbing (no experience necessary)
• Interest in basic sailing (no experience necessary)
• Ability to work with others and enjoy a collegial outdoor experience with other Girl Scouts
• Willingness to have new adventures and try new things!
• Interest in exploring amazing natural features of Maine, including waterfalls, ice caves, swift rivers, and mountains.

The Dates

July 15 - 26, 2019

You must be between the ages of 12 - 16 at the time of the Destination.

What to Bring

A packing list will be provided after acceptance.

The Cost

Program Fee: $1,800

Program fee covers all program expenses during the event. It does not include personal spending money or transportation to and from Bangor, Maine (BGR).

A $250 deposit will be due immediately upon acceptance. (It's part of the fee, not in addition to it).

Download Application Forms
Destinations Application Worksheet
Contact Information

Elizabeth Helton
(207) 772-1177