Journey to Japan: Summit Mt. Fuji

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A leadership adventure of a lifetime in Japan!

Ages 12-14 Ages 15-18 International
About the Trip

For girls who have earned the Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador Summit Award and who want to celebrate this achievement by “summiting” Mt. Fuji  and spending 2 weeks exploring the culture of Tokyo, Japan. Experience culture immersion, anime museums and workshops, theme restaurants, riding to the top of the Tokyo Tower, and sleeping in a mountain hut on your climb to the top of Mt. Fuji, where you will have a special Girl Scout sunrise ceremony!

16 girls exploring Tokyo, Japan for 13 days! Girls will be riding the subway from location to location, learning about the rich history of Tokyo, Japan, as well as visiting the hip and trendy areas of Harajuku. Girls will be partnering with the Japanese Girl Scouts for homestays as well as staying in hotels, on military bases in barracks, and a mountain hut on Mt. Fuji—the most famous mountain in Japan! This is a destination to celebrate the leadership of girls, as well as to explore the excitement of the city and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Safety is our first priority when climbing Mt. Fuji and the key to our success is BE PREPARED. USAGSO-WP has a 16 page informational prerequisite guide for the Fuji Climb that every participant needs to read before committing to the trip. Also, the following the following precautions are made:

1. As this is a High-Risk Activity, All participants must have a physical within 12 months of the climb.
2. A letter of endorsement by a volunteer, a physical fitness professional, and the parent (of minors) must be completed for each participant who wishes to climb.
3. Participants have a 6 week climbing work-out plan designed for them to help them get in the proper shape for the climb.
5. The adult to Girl Ratio is one Adult to every two Girls.
6. Participants stay at a base camp of Mt. Fuji one night before and receive a military level briefing on the climb. Staying here helps climbers acclimate to the altitude.
7. USAGSO-WP hires a professional Japanese/English speaking guide to go on the tour with us as well as the volunteers in charge are all experienced climbers.
8. The estimated time to do the climb is 7 hours (up and down). USAGSO-WP splits this into two days and the participants -8 hours sleep 3/4 the way up the mountain and then wake up to climb to the top by sunrise. They are given 8 hours for the descent.
9. If a participant feels they cannot reach the top, there are volunteers whose job it is to stay with them and spend the night at a lower mountain hut.
10. There is an emergency transportation vehicle on the mountain and first-aid stations at each hut to assist in case of emergencies. There are two hospitals at the base of Mt. Fuji.

Please see Mt Fuji Climb Prerequisites document below.

Where You Go

Tokyo, Japan

What to Know

Girls must have earned the Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador Summit Award. (It does not have to be from their current GS Grade Level, so an attending Ambassador could have earned her Cadette or Senior Summit Award to qualify.)

All participants must agree to complete the Fuji-Prerequisites, which include a workout plan, volunteer and physical fitness endorsements, and a medical health exam within 12 months of the first day of the destination. Please see Mt Fuji Climb Prerequisites document below.

The Dates

July 14 - 26, 2014 (arrival on July 14 and departing on July 26)

Girls must be 13-18 to attend

$1,075 (does not include flight)

What to Bring

Hiking gear as specified in the prerequisite packet, including proper shoes, clothing, and backpack.

Please see Mt Fuji Climb Prerequisites document below.

The Cost

$1,075 (flights are not included). A $1,000 scholarship made possible by the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund has been applied to offset the event fees for all accepted applicants.

Girls will need to pay for their own bathroom use on Mt. Fuji ($20-$30)

Souvenirs or additional snacks and meals not included in schedule. (USAGSO-WP will provide three meals and one snack a day.)

Download Application Forms
Destinations Girl Application 2014 PDF Destinations Girl Application 2014 DOC
Mt. Fuji Climb prerequisites
Contact Information

Arwen Turner