Horseback Riding Mongolia: An adventure through the land of Genghis Khan

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Ride through Mongolia’s famed Steppe on a multi-day horseback riding trip in the land of Genghis Khan and experience ancient nomadic culture by sleeping in yurts and taking on archery, ending the trip in Ulaanbaatar with the famous Ancient Summer Games. FULL

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About the Trip


Imagine riding through the same valleys and landscapes that Genghis Khan did thousands of years ago. The vast grassy steppe and looming mountains that the oldest nomadic tribes in the world have lived in for thousands of years. In this trip, we will tour rural Mongolia on a five-day horse trek. Sleeping in camps and gers (Mongolian yurts), we will be both exploring the landscape and experiencing the life of the nomadic culture. We will ride through National Parks, visit ancient temples, take an archery lesson, and end with a visit to the famous Genghis Khan equestrian statue. After our horse trek, we will explore Ulaanbaatar. In Ulaanbaatar, we will tour the Mongolian Traditional Costume Museum and experience the second-oldest sporting event in the world next to the Olympics: Naadam. In these ancient summer games, we will watch the three competitions: archery, wrestling, and horse racing, in addition to watching the opening ceremony of traditional dance and music to celebrate the end of our trip.

Our trip will begin in Ulaanbaatar (also spelt “Ulan Bator”), the capital of Mongolia. Set in the Tuul River valley, it is a fascinating city comprised of both ancient Central Asian culture and (the former) Soviet Union influence. A very modern capital, it is where our trip will begin and end. The horse trek will take place two hours north of Ulaanbaatar in Terelj National Park and continue throughout the central region of Mongolia, an area comprised of mountains, forest, and grassy plains.

Where You Go


What to Know

You must be at least 15 years of age at the time of the event.

You must be comfortable on a horse and have basic experience on a horse. (Feel free to talk to us about this!)

You must be excited about visiting and touring foreign countries and exploring new (and old) cultures.

The Dates

July 3 - 12, 2018

What to Bring

All technical gear will be provided for camping and horseback riding.

The Cost

Program Fee: $2,900

Program Fee does not include airfare. You will need to purchase your round-trip transportation to and from our gateway city of San Francisco and then onto a designated flight to Ulaanbaatar. Specific flight numbers and times into San Francisco International Airport will be provided when we send out the detailed trip packet around April 1st.

A $200 deposit will be due immediately upon acceptance to this event. (It's part of the event fee, not in addition to it.)

ATS has scholarship opportunities available! Contact ATS for more information or download the form off the website.

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