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Nov 28, 2012

Felecia Hatcher has never been one to let people’s assumptions stand in her way. As a “C” student in high school, she was told by a guidance counselor that she’d never make it to college, but Felecia proved that person wrong, winning more than $100,000 in scholarships in order to earn a degree.

Felecia’s confidence, creativity, and can-do attitude guided her to careers in social media, marketing, and even working for the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the front-office marketing manager for the Minnesota Lynx. But this Delray Beach, Florida, native found true inspiration—and a profitable business concept—when she took a tumble one day while running after an ice cream truck, in heels! This led to the idea for Feverish Ice Cream & Gourmet Pops, a gourmet popsicle and ice cream catering company. With eco-friendly, retro-style ice cream carts and vegan-friendly popsicles, Feverish gives Felecia a chance to show her flair for thinking outside the box. And this hardworking entrepreneur was a onetime Girl Scout who used the skills she learned from selling cookies to create her business.

Today, Felecia holds the title of “Chief Popsicle” at Feverish, and she is the author of two books: The “C” Students Guide to Scholarships and How to Start a Business on a Ramen Noodle Budget. She was honored by the White House as one of the Top Entrepreneurs Under 30, and shares her vision of successful business ownership through her program, PopPreneurs, teaching kids in urban areas how to become successful entrepreneurs. Felecia is creating a cooler way for adults to enjoy ice cream and proving “anything is possible as long as you keep moving forward and believe in yourself and your dreams.”

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