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The Sweet Spirit of SWAPS

Apr 10, 2013

SWAPS page on girlscouts.orgWhen you meet sister Girl Scouts at an event, you build new friendships and broaden your horizons. SWAPS—otherwise known as Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere or Shared with a Pal—are the items you bring to those events, and carry away to remember all the fun you had, and the new bonds you’ve made. Every time you trade SWAPS, you’re sharing yourself in a unique way as you make new friends—two of the best things a Girl Scout can do!

Making SWAPS allows you to be creative, express yourself, and make a truly special souvenir of sisterhood that will last forever. Almost anything can be incorporated into making SWAPS—the only limit is your imagination. The important thing to remember is that you want to make portable items that can be worn, displayed, or used.

When you make SWAPS, think about the kinds of things you’d like to receive from another Girl Scout to remember her by. You don’t ever have to spend a lot of money, because the best SWAPS are handcrafted. Think of SWAPS as personalized mementos that tell the recipient about you, or commemorate an event that you attended, and you’ve got the right idea! You should always plan ahead, so you have plenty of time to make your SWAPS before a meet-up, event, or camping trip. Remember to have enough to share with everyone you meet, so aim to have one SWAPS for every participant or staff member.

SWAPS page on girlscouts.orgYou might even work together with your troop to make SWAPS that you mail to Girl Scouts who live far away.

Remember to:

• Tell something about you or your group. (If it’s okay with an adult, you might include your contact information so you can hear back from your Girl Scout sisters.)

• Represent your country, community, or local Girl Scout council.

SWAPS page on

Once you have your own collection of SWAPS, you’ll want to think of a creative way to display them. You can have a special sash, necklace, lanyard, or hat to pin them on, or use a shadow box or scrapbook to display other kinds of SWAPS. This way, you can admire your collection of memories, and share it with others.

Making memories through sisterhood is such an important part of being a Girl Scout, and what better way to express this—and yourself—than with SWAPS? To get tips for SWAPS givers, SWAPS etiquette, and more, visit the SWAPS Page.