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The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Mar 09, 2012

For thirty years, Sister Carol Perry, a Roman Catholic nun and Bible Scholar, has used her talent for storytelling to bring the Bible alive. 

“I became a Bible story teller when it occurred to me that the people on that printed page were real people,” Sister Carol Perry said in an interview for the Girl Scouts Storytellers video series. “I made a promise that if I ever had the opportunity to retell Bible stories, I would do it from the point of view of the reality of these people. ”

Sister Carol Perry began by teaching in front of audiences at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, where she is the resident Bible Scholar. In the last few years, she’s expanded her audience by live streaming her Sunday morning talks over the internet.

She’s particularly fond of the women’s stories from the Bible. Although today’s world is far different from the Biblical world, Sister Carol feels that these women remain role models today.

“We find women with a sense of adventure, such as Rebecca. And women of courage in times of enormous difficulty, like Deborah,” she says. “The plot, the characters, they’re all enticing to anyone who loves a good story.”