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Juniors: Head Outside for Some Fun!

Jun 06, 2013

Junior Camper badge on Badge ExplorerSchool’s either out or almost over, so it’s time to shine—outside in the sunshine, that is! Our website offers some great ways for Juniors to stay active and learn fun skills during your time off, like these:

Go camping, or not!

Did you know that you don’t need to actually go camping to earn your Camper badge? You can still “go camping” and earn your badge by planning your itinerary, the menu, and even what Girl Scout traditions to include. Learn more about the Camper badge here.

• Snap it up!

This summer, take your camera or cell phone wherever you go—to the beach, on the soccer field, out hiking, or just relaxing at the park! And while you’re at it, learn what it takes to shoot great photos by earning your Digital Photographer badge here.

Junior Digital Photographer badge on Badge Explorer

• Film a PSA video for Girl Scouts Speak Out!

Write a script that tells people why it’s important to get outside and get moving, and then film your public-service video and show them how it’s done. Visit Girl Scouts Speak Out! here.

Perform a flower census

Junior Flowers badge on Badge Explorer

What does it mean to study, record, and enjoy the flowers around you? Click here for a guide to performing your own “flower census.” And learn more about the Flowers badge here.