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Summer Badge Fun

Jul 10, 2013

OutdoorsbadgeBlog-BJ-310x185Summer is the ideal time for Brownies and Juniors to get outside and earn these badges:

Brownie Badges to Explore Outdoors

Fair Play: Brownies can learn rules of an outdoors game, like hide-and-seek; play a tag-team game; and plan a field day where they put fair play skills into action.
Bugs: Girls can head outdoors to see bugs in action: find an ant trail, a beetle chewing on a leaf, or a roly-poly (sow bug) on a porch; and take a bug field trip to a farm where they raise bees or a botanical garden with a bug collection.
First Aid: Brownies can take a hike and talk to a camp director about avoiding and treating bug bites, bee stings, sunburn, and poison oak or ivy rash.
Senses: Girls can hold a scavenger hunt in their neighborhood or park, and go outside to listen for sounds, like birds chirping, dogs barking, car engines, and more.
Hiker: Every trail leads to a new adventure for Brownies! To earn this badge, they decide where to go, try out a new hiking skill, pick the right gear, pack a snack, and go!
Letterboxer: Girls can practice solving letterbox clues with directions outdoors like “go past the tree” or “cross the stream.”
Making Games: Brownies can plan for an outdoors scavenger hunt; change the rules on an outdoors game, like hopscotch; and invent a whole new sport on a field!

Junior Badges for Outside Fun

Drawing: Juniors can learn about colors and shading by going outside to draw trees. “We think of trees of green, but every shade of green is represented in these largest members of the plant kingdom,” from the Girl Scout Handbook, 1940.
Practice with Purpose: Girls can head outside to increase their strength and endurance by running or swimming; and take to the field to run track or do soccer drills.
Flowers: Girls can be botanists and head outdoors on a flower hunt with notebooks and magnifying glasses; smell and sketch flowers; plant a seed or bulb; and talk to a flower expert at a garden center.
Digital Photographer: Juniors can have fun shooting outdoors: portrait, landscape, pet, and sports photos; and create a panoramic outdoors photo to capture a wide view.
Staying Fit: Girls can get moving with outdoors activities three times a week; play games outside; make an outdoors spot a stress-free zone, such as under the shade of a tree; and get their families outdoors for fitness.
Gardener: Girls can visit an outdoors garden; explore plants in their local climate and soil; experiment with soil, water, and sunlight; and plant an outdoors garden.
Camper: Girls can go to an outdoors store to plan camp packing; learn how to use maps, build a campfire, tie knots; cook a meal outdoors; and find out how to clean up a campsite and leave no trace.
Geocacher: Juniors become part global explorers and part detectives as they head outdoors to learn to use a GPS, go on a photo hunt, and track down a cache that is on a hike.
Animal Habitats: Girls can head outside to a park, forest, beach, or desert to observe animals and how they protect their homes; visit a zoo or animal sanctuary; and create or clean up a backyard habitat.