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Summer Badge Fun, Part 2

Jul 19, 2013

OutdoorsbadgeBlog-CSA-310x185Chances are this summer finds you spending lots of time outside, so how about earning a badge (or two) while you’re at it?

Cadette Badges Promote Outdoors Adventures

Good Sportsmanship: Cadettes learn how to make good sportsmanship a habit on the field and in life. Girls can play team sports games outside, like capture the flag or human dragon; volunteer with Little League; and referee an outdoors game.

Trees: Girls go outdoors to explore trees: They might visit an orchard, design a tree house, sketch and label parts of trees, or plant or tend to a tree in their neighborhood.

Digital Movie Maker: Girls learn digital basics and can take their skills outside to film action shots at a soccer game or track meet; or head to an ocean or lake to catch surfing and water skiing.

Woodworker: Girls learn how to use basic tools to make simple woodworking projects, and what better place to set up shop than outside? They can visit a lumberyard, and then build something for outdoors use, like a mailbox, bird feeder, or tree swing.

Trailblazing: Cadettes head for the backcountry, where they explore nature and learn new outdoors skills. Girls can prepare for their trek by taking an outdoors boot camp exercise class; practice navigating with a map, compass, or GPS unit; head out on the trail to camp, stargaze, and practice conservation skills using the Leave No Trace Seven Principles.

Night Owl: Girls can explore nature at night; visit a trail, lake, or stream after dark; examine the night sky; sketch a midnight garden; and host a nighttime party with friends and family.

Field Day: Cadettes organize teams and events for a do-it-yourself field day. They can host an “amazing race,” come up with Olympic-style events, and create an opening and closing ceremony.

Senior Badges to Get Outside and Active

Cross-Training: Seniors can create an outdoors cross-training routine, which incorporates a variety of cardio, strength, and conditioning activities, like jogging, bike riding, power walking, hiking, swimming, stair climbing, and jumping rope.

Sky: Girls go outside to witness our living masterpiece: the sky. They can observe the night sky by hosting a stargazing event, take pictures of the sky as it changes throughout the day, track the weather for 24 hours, and visit a planetarium to find out about meteors and black holes.

Adventurer: Seniors take a multiday high-adventure challenge—they can follow a historical trail; investigate the geology and biology of their trek; kayak, camp, or bike on their adventure; do a service project to help the environment, like maintain a trail or haul trash; and guide younger Girl Scouts on a hike.

Traveler: Girls learn how to plan a trip, whether it’s around the corner or across the globe. They can plan an outdoors adventure by researching destinations, choosing a theme, mapping it out, preparing food, and figuring out what clothes and gear to pack.

Ambassador Badges Inspire Nature Appreciation

Photographer: Ambassadors can take their photo skills outdoors to shoot action scenes or landscapes from different perspectives; tell a story through photos, like a day in the life of a bird; shoot weather patterns; and set up an outdoors location shoot and invite friends to participate.

Water: As they learn about this precious resource, girls can hike, swim, or walk along a beach; try a new water skill, like scuba diving, snorkeling, or white-water rafting; visit an outdoors water display, such as a community fountain; record sounds of water; explore a water facility—a waste treatment plant or managed watershed; and throw an outdoors party with a water theme.