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Success Story: “The Future Is So Bright, It Makes Us Want to Dance!”

Girl Scouts dancing in Rosie-the-Riveter-style kerchiefs? It’s something you might see in Henderson, Nevada! Using the tip sheet and guidelines featured on Girl Scouts Speak Out!, Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors of Troop 138 made a public-service announcement that envisions what they believe the next 100 years can be like for all girls. Their theme? “The Future Is So Bright, It Makes Us Want to Dance!” These Girl Scouts say that there isn’t anything that girls can’t do and be in the coming century: “a jockey, editor-in-chief, director, rock star, CEO, Nobel Prize winner, President of the United States.” Together, they came up with this girl-led video, scripted it, filmed it, and danced out their message to the world! Two days later it was posted online and started getting hits. Their really big moment came when troop leader Tonya Buchan got a call from the GS central office in New York saying that they’d won. The prize? A professional film crew shot their PSA! Volunteer Adonna Miller sees the enduring value of the experience. “I think it’s important that everything in Girl Scouts is girl led,” she says, “because it gives them empowerment at an early age. Girl Scouts Speak Out! was a great activity for my Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors, because it allowed them the ability to show what they could do on their level.” Watch the video to see these girls on set, and think about the difference you can make with your message.

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