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Success Story: Brownies Get “Concrete” Results

These Brownies on the go spotted a strip of missing sidewalk in their community that prevented people from riding their bikes, pushing strollers, or using wheelchairs. As one Brownie tells it: “We decided that we were going to put some concrete there because we didn’t want anyone going in the streets, because that’s not safe.” Inspired by their Brownie Quest Journey, these civic-minded Girl Scouts wrote a letter and lobbied city hall for change to promote their community as a healthy place to live. The outcome? Today, there’s a new strip of sidewalk where grass once was, and everyone can get around without having to risk danger in the street. The Brownies of Troop 1419 were even special guests on-site on the big day when the cement for the new sidewalk was poured. “Leadership can be defined in a lot of ways,” Colleyville, Texas, City Manager Jennifer Fadden says, “but one thing that they displayed here is initiative.” The life-changing impact of the Leadership Journeys is evident as another Brownie adds, “I learned that Girl Scouts can go much farther than some people think.”

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