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Success Story: A Troop Inspires a School

Who can get a whole school to stop using throwaway plastic water bottles and start drinking from reusable bottles? Brownies can! Inspired by the WOW! Wonders of Water Journey, some second-graders from West Chester, Pennsylvania, started the first green, eco-friendly movement in their school. After learning an interesting fact—a throwaway bottle takes three times as much water as it can hold just to make the plastic—they spread the message of saving water. They also created a Take Action project that had a ripple effect out to the whole district! Watch the video to see how they did it, and hear why their volunteer supporters say the Journey books really helped the process. "It's such an accomplishment for a group of second-grade girls to start with something so small, but yet so important," teacher Amanda Galajda says. As Girl Scout Brownie Lauren tells it: "We can make a big change all together, and change the whole Earth."

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