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Success Story: A Green Mansion for Girl Scouts

In Villanova, Pennsylvania, the Juniors of Troop 7239 hold their meetings in a historic building known as the Clothier Mansion. Today, thanks to these environmentally conscious girls, this stately Victorian home is very "2013"—because it's going green! Powered up by their Get Moving! Leadership Journey, these Girl Scouts decided to help their meeting place save energy. So they did an audit of the building, studied the utility bills, and even experimented with insulation and conserving electricity. They designed posters and put them up to inspire people to save water, and to really get thinking about what it means to be energy smart. Along the way, these girls decided that an important part of being a good leader is being aware. But the most important aha moment comes from one of the Juniors, who declares: "I decided to be a leader and make my own decisions." Today, from riding their bikes to turning off lights—and even petitioning to change their uniforms—these girls are empowered to lead themselves, and make the world a better place. Katera, their troop leader, sees the difference. "I've seen a vast change in all of the girls," she says, "in terms of their voice and their willingness to take action." Watch the video to see these Juniors Get Moving! Hear why Katera says, "We can do Girl Scouts with this kind of ready-made curriculum." And meet a Junior who says of doing the Journeys: "You're helping the world. You're saving yourself and other people."

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