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Success Story: A Day in the Park With Mississippi Brownies

As a volunteer, you might wonder: How do I get comfortable with the Journeys? The answer: You start doing them, and discover that you’re providing real leadership opportunities for girls! In this video, you’ll meet Purvis, Mississippi, Brownies having a blast—with benefits!—doing their A World of Girls Journey. As young leaders, they identified a need in their community, and worked together to purchase and dedicate a handicapped-accessible swing in a local park. Now that’s what we call a Take Action project! Funded by their cookie sales and community support from no less than the mayor, these girls and volunteers came up with a plan and made it happen. As one Brownie tells us, “We wanted to help change our town and make it better.” The mayor’s review? “It’s outstanding for them to step up and be young leaders of the community.” This project was completely girl led, with direction from supportive volunteers “who allowed the girls to have a voice.” That’s what the Journeys are all about. They’re the perfect way for you to help your Girl Scouts build courage, confidence, character, and independence—and make the world a better place!

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