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Studio Feature: Natalie Yoder

Jul 08, 2013

Natalie Yoder's author content on The StudioAs a young reader, Natalie Yoder took a shine to mystery and crime novels. She read Wishbone Mysteries, American Girl mysteries, and Nancy Drew books. But it was Natalie’s father who inspired her to do more with this passion. “My dad used to read short little mysteries to me before bed, and I would try to solve them,” Natalie says. “Determined to see if I could stump him, I began writing my own mysteries. When we had a collection of stories, we wondered if there was a possibility we could share these stories with others.”

Remarkably, Natalie was in elementary school when she put together her first book. “When my dad first approached me with the idea of actually publishing our little mystery stories, I was pretty intimidated,” she recalls. “But I never pass up on anything, because who knows when I’ll have the chance to do it again? So I agreed, even though it meant having less time to spend with my friends. That one book became three books, and I’ve never regretted that initial decision to give it a try.”

Now in college, Natalie says that writing remains demanding. “[It] takes an awful lot of time, research, writing, editing, talking, sharing, deleting, and rewriting. Sometimes you have to put the manuscript aside, throw it on a shelf in your closet for a while, before you can pick it up again…and edit it some more. It’s not like you write something and then poof! It’s on someone else’s bookshelf.”

Juniors earning their Scribe badge will be inspired by how Natalie found success at an early age through passion and hard work. Find out more about why writing a mystery is like writing a news story, and let Natalie show you how to create the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” for your stories on The Studio.