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Studio Feature: Lisa Greenwald

Sep 16, 2013

Lisa Greenwald's author content on The StudioWriter Lisa Greenwald says that she tells stories because she likes to be in control. “I love that I can make the ending exactly the way I want it to be,” she says. “Life isn’t always like that, but stories are!”

The other thing Lisa can control is the characters in her stories. Ever since Lisa can remember, she’s been creating backstories for strangers. “I used to take my mom’s clothing catalogs and make up stories about the people in them,” Lisa recalls. “I’d decide who they were, what they wanted, where they were going.”

Which is why Lisa puts so much emphasis on creating the exact right characters for her books today. Like 12-year-old problem-solver Lucy Desberg, who is skilled at makeup and makeovers in My Life in Pink & Green. Or confident Kate, shy Georgia, and observant, careful Olivia—three friends in Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes. “I like being able to connect readers to characters who may be going through similar situations.”

Want to get started creating your characters and their settings? On The Studio, Lisa shares a fun activity to help you develop your characters and the world in which they live.