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Studio Feature: Kate Klise

Sep 09, 2013

Kate Klise Q&A on The StudioWriter Kate Klise’s mom made an unusual bargain when Kate was young: She would pay for her college only if Kate promised to write a letter home once a week for all four years. “Of course I griped about it at the time, but that was the best deal of my life,” Kate remembers. “I think I really learned how to organize my thoughts and ideas by writing all those letters home to my mom.”

So now Kate wants to help you. On The Studio, she shares her advice for girls who want to write, such as:

  • Start writing a book now. You don’t have to know the whole plot. Just start with a character who has a problem and then send her or him on a journey.
  • Find a librarian friend who can recommend good books. Offer to write book reviews in exchange.
  • Learn the rules of grammar. People won’t recognize your genius if they’re tripping over your dangling modifiers.
  • Rewrite slowly. Read your final draft out loud.
  • Get in the habit of finishing. Every writer wants to quit at some point in the process. Be the rare person who finishes.
  • Learn to fail gracefully. It takes a long time to get good at anything. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself and root for others along the way. A generous heart will serve you well as a writer and as a person.

Writing a book is the perfect combination of challenging and fun,” Kate says. “It’s never easy for me, but it’s never dull, either. It’s a great job.”