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Studio Feature: Guillaume Bianco

Sep 23, 2013

Guillaume Bianco's author and artist content on The StudioGuillaume Bianco has the perfect cure for when you are feeling bored: create something! “I started telling stories out of a sense of boredom, to entertain myself,” the artist explains. “Today, we don’t often have time to be bored because we are so busy, and that’s actually a pity and a problem. We need a little boredom in order to create.”

Guillaume escapes his own tedium by drawing characters for his books, like the Disney Fairies and the Ernest & Rebecca series. “Sometimes I feel that I can’t really relate to the world around me,” Guillaume says, “so I write and create my own world. I create a universe in which I feel good and happy, and which I want to share with my readers.”

For artists looking to create, Guillaume offers some insight: “Nobody really invents anything from scratch. They recycle to create stories.” He reveals how to find inspiration to create your stories: “You can be influenced by your favorite artists,” he says, “but what is essential is that you learn to tell the things that are in your heart, so you can share your emotions with others.”

He also believes that what aspiring artists and writers need is motivation. “It’s not necessarily just the most talented who can work well in this profession, but the people who are most motivated, the ones who never give up!” Guillaume advises. “Hang in there!”

Find out more about Guillaume, his work, and his wisdom on The Studio.