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Studio Feature: Erica S. Perl

Jul 01, 2013

Erica S. Perl's author content on The Studio“The important thing to know about being a writer,” Erica S. Perl begins, “is that you can do other things, too.” For Erica, that other thing is working for First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides books to kids in need.

For Girl Scouts on a Journey and looking for Take Action projects, Erica’s First Book, which has donated more than 70 million brand-new books to children in need, is inspirational.

Before Erica started writing and working with her charity, she was a lawyer. “[Working] as a trial lawyer helped me understand how to listen and gather information, as well as how to tell other people’s stories,” she says. Erica also wrote and directed plays in high school and college, allowing her to see what did and didn’t work with her writing. “I still read everything I write aloud,” she shares.

One of the biggest writing tips Erica offers is to have confidence. She insists that no one can tell your stories like you can. “Pick up a pen or sit down at a keyboard and let the words flow,” Erica advises. “Ask for constructive feedback from a teacher or friends you trust.”

As a young girl, Erica turned to her family and teachers for encouragement with her writing. “I made a promise to my seventh-grade English teacher, Mr. Rivers, that if I ever had a book published, I would dedicate it to him,” she says. “And I did.”

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