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Studio Feature: Britt Menzies

Aug 26, 2013

Britt Menzies' author content on The StudioThe idea for the wildly successful StinkyKids book series started as a painting, which then became an image on a T-shirt. “The T-shirts became so popular that customers wanted to have more products,” StinkyKids creator Britt Menzies explains. “So I decided to bring life to the StinkyKids and write adventures based on childhood mistakes.”

Childhood mistakes like getting gum stuck in your hair, getting too wild on a playdate, or writing on the walls. Remember doing anything like that? “I share childhood mistakes to acknowledge that we all make mistakes,” Britt says, “but we need to learn from [them] and become Leaders of Good.”

“Leaders of Good” is what the StinkyKids characters strive to be in Britt’s books, when they try to overcome things, like being upset with one another, and find ways to work things out. Britt even writes about her own childhood mistakes: “StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors was inspired by my own misfortune as a kid, when I went to bed with gum in my mouth and in the morning, had gum in my hair,” she says. “I also cut my entire ponytail off one day and looked like a porcupine.”

Her weird hair days behind her, today Britt lives by the motto “Never assume no,” because she takes risks by asking for what she wants. “Even when I’m told no, I turn it into another opportunity by asking about whom I can contact that may say yes.”

On The Studio, Britt tells you how to turn your dreams into actions by finding your passion, getting a mentor, and keeping a journal. “You never know,” she says, “one day these stories could inspire you later in life.”