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Stephanie Greene: Featured Author on The Studio

Apr 30, 2012

Growing up, writer Stephanie Greene says she read books, lots of them! “Books allowed me to escape to other worlds,” explains our featured author on this month’s The Studio. “They comforted, soothed, amused, excited, and informed me.”

As the middle of five children, Stephanie says reading helped teach her to be empathetic toward her siblings, and how to be a peacemaker: “When middle children aren’t feeling neglected (because they aren’t the oldest and they aren’t the baby), they’re trying to solve everyone’s problems. With brothers and sisters like mine, I was surrounded by problems.

“Books introduced me to children who were like me and had the same problems, or children who were exotically different. Books allowed me to escape to other worlds.” Stephanie transferred what she learned from her reading into her writing, tackling things young girls might face. In her book, Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade, she tells how Posey bravely faces her first day of school without her special tutu. In Princess Posey and the Next-Door Dog, Posey deals with her fear of dogs. 

“I get letters from readers who say they’re just like my characters,” Stephanie says. “I once got a letter from a young girl who said she didn’t think anyone else felt the way she did until she read my book.”

And what advice does Stephanie give girls who want to write? “Read, read, read, all the time, as many books as you can. It will teach you about plot and characterization and conflict—the most important elements of a book.” Above all, Stephanie tells girls to keep their ears, eyes, and hearts open. “Listen to other people, learn to care about them, or at least have empathy for their problems. You can’t create characters who seem real if you don’t understand real people.”

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