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Spend the Day with Dad

Jun 14, 2013

Brownie My Family Story badge on Badge ExplorerWhether you call him “Dad,” “Stepdad,” “Grandpa,” or “Uncle,” or have someone else in your life who is like a father to you, each June we celebrate Father’s Day to let these men know how important they are to us, and thank them for everything they do.

Father’s Day in America has been officially celebrated since 1972, but it all started back in 1909, when Sonora Dodd was struck with an idea while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. She wanted to honor her own father, William Smart, who was a widowed farmer raising six children. Proof that Sonora’s touching tribute is still going strong all these years later: Father’s Day is the fourth-largest occasion for sending cards.

You can make Father’s Day special in so many ways. You might start with a wonderful card. Remember: The most treasured keepsake cards are the ones you make yourself, including your own illustrations or a colorful collage of photo memories, and a meaningful message you write straight from the heart. If you’re feeling extra crafty and creative, make a mini-scrapbook or photo album filled with pictures and souvenirs of your best times together.

Here are some other ways to celebrate the father figures in your life:

Spend the day doing “Dad stuff”: Does your dad like to fish or play golf? Is he happiest watching a baseball game, riding his bike, or working on his car? Dedicate the day to his favorite activities and enjoy them together.

Get some Girl Scouting accomplished: Ask him to help you with some activities or projects for Girl Scout badges you want to earn. For example: Cadettes working on their Trees badge might show their dads the Tree Safari Game. If he’s a woodworking type, ask him to join you in this activity: “Make something useful from a piece of wood.” Are there any other things you need to do in order to earn a badge? Do it with dad and make a memory that lasts a lifetime!

Make a delicious dish for Dad: Maybe it’s banana splits or cut-up veggies with dip—there are lots of scrumptious snacks you can make so he can sit back, relax, and enjoy a special Father’s Day treat.

Dedicate it to Dad: Write a poem or short story detailing all the things you adore about him and the favorite memories and moments you’ve shared throughout your life. You’ll be amazed by how easily the words flow when you’re writing about someone who means so much.

Do it for Dad: Find out what you can do to help out around the house and complete a task with him, or tackle something all by yourself: do some weeding in the garden, put away the dishes, collect the household trash and recycling, walk the dog. What else can you think of?