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Speak Out and Be Counted!

Jun 11, 2013

Girl Scouts Speak Out! Friendship First View&Vote pageFor our Girl Scouts Speak Out! winter-spring 2013 theme, we asked girls to make public-service announcements (PSAs) supporting the theme of Friendship First. We all want to live in a world without bullying, and Girl Scouts can show us how to get there. Many of you answered the call, and that theme is now officially closed as we select a winner!

Now, it’s time to support the Girl Scouts who created PSAs by visiting Girl Scouts Speak Out! and voting! Click on each entry to view all the submissions—and then vote for your favorite by June 15! (Remember: If you’re age 12 or under, you’ll need help from your parent or guardian to register.) Once we’ve tallied all your votes, we’ll select finalists—and a winner, who will get a professionally produced version of their video made.

Be an important part of the process as we show the world how Girl Scouts’ BFF (Be a Friend First) program is helping to make bullying disappear: by putting Friendship First and boosting kindness and respect—at school, online, and out in the world.

And don’t forget to also visit Girl Scouts Speak Out! to learn more about the new theme: Get Up! Get Active! Get Healthy! Make a happier, healthier world when you start brainstorming and make a PSA that encourages people to get up and move!