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Read Like a Writer

Oct 01, 2012

Writer Kimberly Holt’s dad was a naval officer, so growing up, she lived in places like France, Guam, and Louisiana. Kimberly says that always being “the new girl” made her shy, so she escaped by reading books like Little Women and the Little House on the Prairie series.

“I always loved reading,” Kimberly explains, “but when my second-grade teacher read my story to the class, I was hooked. I wanted to be a writer. Teachers are powerful.”

Before becoming a full-time writer, Kimberly worked as a radio news director and an interior decorator. Then one day, her husband encouraged her to take a year off to write a book. “I didn’t own a computer, so I began to write on yellow legal pads,” she remembers. Seventeen books and many awards later, Kimberly never went back to a traditional job. And somewhere along the way, she bought a computer.

Kimberly also likes to share valuable advice for future authors. “When I was a new writer, I didn’t know how to rewrite,” Kimberly says. “Then, instead of just reading like a reader, I read like a writer and started to examine the works I admired. By analyzing other writers’ works, I could clearly see the weaknesses in my own manuscripts.”

Besides loving to write, what does Kimberly say is the best thing about her job? “Being able to work in my pajamas!”

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