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PSA Winners: Troop 79680 of Roxbury, Massachusetts

Girl Scouts from Boston took up the challenge to be a voice for change by entering—and winning!—our It’s Your Planet: We Only Have One Planet PSA contest. Here, watch their professionally produced PSA and see them on location in a lush, green park, marching to a beat that leads them straight to the recycling bin! “Save Our Trees…Recycle Please!” is the message from these rhyming Girl Scouts, who rap about ways to save the planet. While the average American will use almost 500 trees’ worth of paper in their lifetime, these girls say that we have to care enough about these leafy precious resources to cut down on cutting them down! You can make changes—big or small—to keep our environment healthy, now and in the future, and recycling paper is an important step in the right direction. The Earth is the only home we have, so Take Action today and be a Forever Green Girl Scout! Now that you’re inspired, start brainstorming ideas and make your own PSA for Girl Scouts Speak Out!

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