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Printable: Around the Town

Our spider friend Dez is on her bicycle. She has two stops to make on her way home. She wants to visit a dance studio because she’s got eight limbs, so obviously she loves to move and groove and do the Spider Shake. Dez also loves to read, and she needs to make a trip to the library. So how can you help? By making a loopy Möbius strip and tracing her route! With a piece of paper you print out, scissors, tape or glue, and a pencil or pen, you’re about to see the real-world magic in shapes and spaces. You may not realize it, but by creating a paper path for Dez, you’re actually exploring a type of math called topology. With one strip of paper, you’ll make a never-ending, one-sided shape! And help a sweet spider get things done on a busy day! CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GET STARTED.

JPP-MobiusStrip pdf