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Print & Play: Tree Safari Game

Chances are, you see many trees every day. You may even have a particular tree that’s your personal favorite—you love its shape, size, or the lovely place where it stands. Enhance your appreciation for these leafy life-givers with our Tree Safari Game! Complete interesting arboreal (that means tree-related!) activities that will give you a whole new appreciation for the blissful, and beneficial, beauty of trees. Watch a tree in a rainstorm. Eat food that grows on a tree. And there’s so much more to do, including green games you’ll invent yourself. Check off each activity as you complete it, and you’re playing eco-conscious bingo with birches, beeches, balsams, and all the rest. You can do all of these things on a hiking or camping trip, in a park (local or national), or anywhere you see a tree! CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO GET STARTED!

Cadette Tree Safari Game pdf