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Play a Game with Barbie

Sep 13, 2013

I Can Be...GameFrom ballerina to martial artist, race car driver to astronaut, and chef to president—throughout her working life, Barbie has done it all. To date, she has worked her way through more than 135 different careers! We want girls to know that no matter what they want to do or be when they grow up, they can do it. Just like Barbie!

Daisies and Brownies explore all the jobs to which they can aspire—work that real women are taking on today—when they play our new I Can Be… Game. Girls can “Be Anything, Do Everything” as they explore career choices and get inspired to become the next generation of female leaders.

In the game, girls explore endless career possibilities as they help Barbie and friends get ready for a busy day at work. Start by picking your character—Barbie, Teresa, or Nikki—and click through the game to discover the wide-open working world available to all women. Every job uses different tools to do the work. Pick the tool that goes with the work and you’re helping your character get the job done! You get 100 points for every right answer. Get extra points for answering correctly with fewer tries.

For more creative fun that helps younger Girl Scouts explore the working world and discover their dream careers, Daisies and Brownies get to be the designers when they cut out and color career fashions for Barbie with our Printable: I Can Be… activity. The message is simple and super: When you grow up, you can do and be whatever you want!