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Paw Print Matching Game

When Girl Scouts take to the outdoors for hiking, trailblazing, and camping trips, they venture into the natural habitats of many wild animals. Just as a Cadette blazes a trail, whether she’s bird-watching in the forest or just going about her daily routines, these active animals leave distinctive tracks as they roam the wild. And different types of animals have unique feet that are perfectly adapted to the way they live! Click on the cards to see telltale tracks and the animals that make them: a brown bear, a deer, a fox, a goose, a mountain lion, a porcupine, a stork, and a wild horse. Note the shape of each colorful paw print, hoofprint, or bird track, and connect them to the animals by thinking about the kind of feet each animal needs to survive—and thrive! Explore all the images, remember their places on the board, and have fun connecting the fauna (or animals) to the fancy footwork. You’re becoming a nature detective and learning how to identify animals in the wild.