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Out of This World

Jul 12, 2013

1-GS-Hawaii-SpaceShuttle-310x185When they took on the challenge to send a project to the International Space Station last year, a group of Girl Scout teens in Honolulu weren’t really sure where things would end up. The girls cycled through tons of ideas before they hit on one that felt just right for them. After a visit to a local organic farm, the girls decided to build a mini lab in order to grow a strain of arugula. Then they applied to have it launched into orbit.

The lab they created was totally self-contained; the girls built everything into it that was needed to nourish the plants, including an electrical system, water system, and even lights on a timer to help the plants grow.

But it was more than life on the Space Station that inspired the girls. They hope that projects like theirs could lead to new techniques to grow food in harsh environments here on Earth, too.

In June, the lab came back from its visit to the International Space Station, and the For Girls staff was on hand when they opened it and saw the beginnings of sprouts. Check out the photos below, and to see Girl Scouts talking about science, technology, and our planet’s future, click here.