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Ordinary Heroes

Sep 03, 2012

Writer Lynda Mullaly Hunt likes ordinary heroes. “Both of my books [One for the Murphys and (the upcoming) Alphabet Soup] have themes of ‘Be someone’s hero—no cape required’ in them. The idea of ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” Lynda explains. “And that doesn’t just apply to helping others—it means being a hero to yourself as well. Deciding what life you want and fighting for it. Stepping out of the comfort zone. Being brave. I promise you—it’s hard but worth it.”

Growing up, Lynda says she always wanted to tell stories. “I would tell myself stories as I walked to and from school, sitting in the bathtub, or waiting for my mom to pick me up from Girl Scouts. It was a way to get emotion down with few words. It helped me understand myself better.”

Lynda points to two things that help with her writing. One is carrying a notebook in her back pocket: “I often see things that will spur new ideas, create new characters in my head,” she says. The other is a belief in herself and her stories. “I know it sounds corny, but the power of a good attitude coupled with hard work can move mountains. You have to believe that you can do it—that you have a voice and a story that no one else on the whole planet can tell. And that’s true, you know. Only you can tell your stories.”

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