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New PSA Winner on Girls Speak Out!

Jul 27, 2012

We’ve chosen a winner for the second Girls Speak Out! PSA contest, “We Only Have One Planet!”

The Winner: 

Troop 79680 from Boston tells us in their “Save Our Trees! Recycle Please!” public service announcement why recycling and using resources wisely help us keep the planet healthy and green. Be sure to check out their fantastic rhyme at the end of the video! See them here!

The Finalists: 

• Girl Scouts from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, take you through the long life of a plastic water bottle.
• Girl Scouts from Los Angeles share why water is such a valuable resource and saving every drop counts.
• Girl Scouts from Danville, Virginia, urge us to keep the air clean so we can “Breathe” easy.
• Girl Scouts from Long Island, New York, ask us to reduce, reuse, and recycle to keep the future bright.

To see our first winner, click here. And don’t forget to enter our current “Dear Mr. President…” contest, in which you make a PSA that tells the candidates running for the White House what they can do to help support girls. We’ll accept entries until September 30.