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New Authors for March on The Studio

Mar 16, 2012

Find out about your favorite writers and artists or meet some new ones on The Studio.

Each week, you can go behind the scenes with a featured writer or illustrator to find out how they do what they do, and perhaps get some tips for your own work!

Look for these featured authors throughout the month of March on The Studio:

Author Pendred “Penny” Noyce reveals that the hardest part of writing a story is the beginning, and she can’t get started until she has good names for the main characters.

Writer and designer Pamela Pease creates pop-up books, including one about Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and the Tour de France bicycle race.

Peggy Moss writes stories about friendship, how to deal with bullying and teasing, and how to be more confident.

Shirin Yim Bridges writes about girls who do the unexpected. For example, Nur Jahan, who became ruler of India, rode elephants to war, and encouraged trade and the arts for her country. Or an ancient Greek princess, Artemisia, who grew up to become a sailor and ship’s captain.

Don’t miss these four (and more!) on The Studio.