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National Young Women of Distinction Week: Day 4!

Jun 21, 2013

Gold Award page on girlscouts.orgMeet our National Young Women of Distinction—10 Seniors who earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. To earn this highest award in Girl Scouting, each girl completed requirements that led to an outstanding Take Action project. Every day this week on our For Girls blog, we will introduce you to these smart, spirited leaders. Here, read about Sri and Jamila, inspiring activists who focused on global issues to help girls in significant ways:

Sri, of Pleasanton, is with Girl Scouts of Northern California. She put on a show to educate her community about the water crisis in East Africa and increase awareness of the diversity of the entire African continent. Funded by money raised from these events, Sri traveled to Tanzania and partnered with organizations there to build water-retention systems with the locals. “I believe that the Gold Award project was the benchmark of helping me become a leader and really take on projects,” Sri says. “It’s made a huge impact on my life, as well as in my own community, as well as in the Tanzanian community.” Click here to watch Sri’s video and here to see her acceptance speech.

Jamila, of Tampa, is with Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. The victims of civil war in Uganda might be far away, but Jamila went to her legislators—and all the way to Congress—to pass a bill that raises awareness and money to help rebuild schools and provide supplies for children affected by the conflict. “Definitely with my Gold Award project, I built a lot more confidence and more skills as a leader,” Jamila says. “I was actually really shocked that I’ve been able to carry my project this far. I’ve just been really passionate about this, and not necessarily getting exposure for my project, but exposure for my cause.” Click here to watch Jamila’s video and here to see her acceptance speech.