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National Parks Map Update

Sep 04, 2013

Spotlight on Wildlife U.S. National Parks MapSeven additional special places have been added to our Spotlight on Wildlife U.S. National Parks Map! North to south, east to west—these national treasures are located all over the United States and are some of the most precious and protected places on our planet. Why not plan a road trip you’ll never forget—one that helps you see our country in a new and inspiring light? Glaciers, desert terrains, mountains, beaches, and abundant wildlife await you at the following must-see destinations:

  • Acadia National Park in Maine (pictured)
  • Badlands National Park in South Dakota
  • Channel Islands National Park, off the coast of Southern California
  • Glacier National Park in Montana
  • Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming
  • Saguaro National Park in Arizona
  • Shenandoah National Park in Virginia

Use the map to explore some of the most amazing places on Earth and dream up future travel plans so you can experience our country’s natural treasures firsthand. Learn about some of the animals that live in these unique and diverse habitats—sea lions, bobcats, wolverines, prairie dogs, and so many more!—and how you can help protect them.

Once you know more about all that our national parks protect, you can take action and become an advocate for wilderness and wildlife conservation. You’ll use this knowledge to plan an outdoor adventure trip, earn your Voice for Animals or Public Policy badge, or write to a representative in Congress or the Senate and tell them why you care about the national parks and the animals that live there. Click around and you’ll discover: From Maine to California, this country is spectacular!