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National Girl Scout Cookie Day

Feb 08, 2013

Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day! We all know that Girl Scout cookies are delicious, but they’re important, too. When girls sell cookies they develop the 5 Skills (Money Management, Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, and Business Ethics) that will help them throughout their lives, from school projects to their first job to when they might run a company someday.

To celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Day, you can:

• Check out the It’s Your Business—Run It! video series on the ForGirls site, and hear how these skills helped the women profiled succeed in running their small businesses.

Trace the route of the Girl Scout Cookie Truck around New York City.

• Keep up with the Girl Scout blog and Facebook for special reports from two Girl Scout correspondents as they follow the truck around New York City and talk with local celebrities.

• Watch our fun What Grown-Ups Need to Know About Selling Girl Scout Cookies video to learn more about the 5 Skills Girl Scouts develop when they “learn by earning” and sell Girl Scout cookies on their own.