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Mother-Daughter Book Club

Oct 29, 2012

According to her mom, writer Heather Vogel Frederick spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book. “My mother used to say that the house would have to burn down around [me] before [I’d] sit up and notice.” Heather fondly remembers the books that kept her so engrossed. “Those are the best books, aren’t they?” she asks. “The ones that take your imagination by storm and spirit you off into a different world.”

In Heather’s childhood world, she was surrounded by a family of bookworms and, as her grandmother liked to call them, “big talkers.” “[They were] talented storytellers,” Heather explains, “especially the women. I loved to hide behind chairs and sofas and eavesdrop on their stories.”

When Heather was 5 or 6 years old, she recalls looking around at the books on the Vogel’s library shelves and realizing that each and every one was created by an actual person. “I wanted to be a writer from that moment on,” she remembers. While in college, Heather signed up for a children’s literature course and decided to one day write books for young readers. She kept that promise by writing at least a dozen popular and award-winning children’s books, notably the Mother-Daughter Book Club series, about five very different girls who sign up for a book club, with their moms, and have all sorts of adventures as they navigate middle school drama.

Heather tells young aspiring writers that writing should be fun. “Don’t worry about how or when you’re going to get something published,” she says. “Just enjoy the magic of telling stories, and give yourself time to grow as a writer.” Hear more from Heather on The Studio.